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DONIC "Desto F4"

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The perfect introduction to Formula DONIC

Formula F4 is the perfect introduction for ambitious youngsters and players who want to change to rubbers with inbuilt speed glue effect.

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Gluing was yesterday. Today there is DESTO F1.
DONIC DESTO F1 is the fastest rubber from the DESTO Formula series. A high-tech product for well trained players of ability, who require more speed from their rubber. With qualities of spin and speed previously unknown for unglued rubber sheets. This inbuilt speed glueing effect produces good sound, softness plus speed and spin. The new FORMULA rubber is exciting to play with.
We recommend DONIC DESTO F1 and F1 HS rubber sheets for the following players:
DONIC DESTO F1 is the ideal alternative for players who used to use speed glue. Newcomers to New Formula DONIC experience with the DONIC DESTO F1, table tennis from another world.

Control 8
Speed 8-
Spin 10+
Hardness: Soft
Surface: Spin-Elast.

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