We propose you a personalized printing / transflex in one color. (ex: surname, first name)

Prices and conditions of our custom printing:

On shirts, t-shirts, tracksuits ...

1.line: height of the letter 3-4 cm (name): 7.00 CHF - the piece (delay 1-2 days) https://lorengo-tt.com/shop/en/service-/1979-flocking.html

2. line: height of the letter 3-4 cm (name + club): 13.00 CHF - the piece (delay 1-2 days) https://lorengo-tt.com/shop/fr/service-/1980-flocage.html

For all that is a pattern in multiple colors (logo) called transflex quadri, the cost is higher than that of traditional printing and it depends on the size and quantity!

Prices and conditions of our transflex quadri:

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote via e-mail: barna@lorengo-tt.com by enclosing the logo in vector format, specifying the location and the desired size, as well as the quantity !!! (Lead time: small quantity 5-7 days, large quantity: 2 weeks max.)