It is a pleasure and a lot of hope that we propose a partnership agreement between your club ... and our LORENGO-TT society, official supplier of table tennis equipment, based in Geneva!


  • Permanent 20% discount to club members for all small equipment (coverings, wood, textiles, etc.).
  • From 250 CHF, 5% additional discount totaling 25% discount (think bulk orders ...).
  • An allocation of 10% of the total amount of these orders during the period from 10/15/15 to 06/30/16 as a voucher. (Example: 1500 CHF 150 CHF purchase = Purchase Order..) 30-40% discount on large orders (holding the club change, tables, etc ...) Ask for a quote.
  • No minimum purchase required.

For more information, you can contact us either by email or by phone.