Hello Friends table tennis players,

LORENGO-TT Sàrl was founded in July 2013 after the meeting with my partner at Egon Madsen club CTT UGS Chênois where I coach and player full time.

As a coach and experienced player, I often had to advise and help everyone choose the material adapted to its level and its game system. I then found that TT material price at the largest supplier were outrageous ...

That's why LORENGO-TT was created to advance and now with great dynamism!

Barna Lörincz

Former Professional in France during 6 seasons.(best ranking: N°100 french) Played in Nice, Chartres, Annecy. Current LNB player for CTT Veyrier, Trainer in more clubs at Geneva(CH) and also in France.

Egon Madsen

Owner of Blue Resources Sàrl. Plays table Tennis at UGS-Chenois.(Geneva)