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XIOM Omega IV Pro

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Extreme power with extra spins in deadly aggression. Grippy top sheet accompanied by the new Carbo Sponge and fully built-in speed-glue effect creates amazing power-spin performance. Professionals can exploit the full capacity of OMEGA IV PRO which provides the advantage to well trained players with higher swing speed. Suitable as a substitute for Tenergy and cheaper.

OMEGA IV PRO stretches the ball from opponent's court very aggressively and low with extra spin. Extra precision and superb consistency from solid construction also benefit high-speed players.

Extra playing properties by new carbo sponge and top layer. Additional clicking feel for sharper control.

Historical evolution towards full speed-glue aggression. Based on Hyper Elasto technology the new top sheet matched with upgraded Carbo Sponge offers extraordinary playing properties. Feel at the ball contact fully assimilate the clicking sensation generated by speed glues.

New chemical composition and additional built-in tension make the ball more spinning and its trajectory significantly higher. OMEGA IV PRO stretches the ball from opponent's court very fiercely after the bounce as if launched from speed-glued rubber.

Speed:108, Spin:109, Control:92






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