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XIOM Sigma Pro

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SIGMA series finally built an extra power effect of speed glue mechanically in Hyper Elasto rubbers. Advance to Internal Mechanic Boost (IMB) system of Hyper Elasto technology perfects the effect without illegal aids like speed glue or booster. This is a historic development of rubber production for professional players. Black CARBO sponge engines the power of Hyper Elasto IMB generation.

Special construction of CARBO sponge gives the super extra advantage to rubber dynamics. IMB rubber with CARBO sponge also responds more precisely to the player´s intention. New WIN FIT shape of SIGMA series declares the new era of historic IMB rubber production. Raise your standard and Win with us.

Suitable as a substitute for Tenergy and cheaper

Speed: 110, Spin:110,Control: 90


Speed:105, Spin:105, Control: 91